Increasing your home value

As part of the accessibility options, our home lifts have been specially selected to cope with all possible necessities. Either for indoors or outdoors solutions, we have the right product for you. We can assist you from 2 floors to 5 floors, electric, hydraulics, pneumatics and many more.

HL 25 series

If you are considering a lift that saves 2 floors, maximising the space of your home, this is the perfect solution.


The guides are located at the back of the cabin allowing you to walk pass when the lift is at a different floor.


Many options available for this outstanding new generation of home lifts

HL Outdoors

Up to 3 meters


Quiet, reliable and affordable
The hydraulic system of this machine can lift up to 300kg without noise. Only one maintenance service needed due to its reliable components.


It is the most demanded solution for outdoors necessities up to 3 meters as it is completely weatherproof designed.

HL pneumatic

The most elegant

The vacuum system is the "engine" of the pneumatic elevator. It is responsible for extracting the air from the vertical duct to generate vacuum and for the cabin to ascend.

Its elegant design and finishes are the perfect selection for those who seek excellence and style in their home.

There are 3 cabin sizes available to be fitted almost anywhere you like.