The solution that best suits your needs

The solution that best suits your needs

Advice, installation and maintenance of domestic elevators, Stairlifts and Platforms for Accessibility

We can help you?

Advice, installation and maintenance of domestic elevators, Stairlifts and Platforms for Accessibility

We can help you?

Free call 900 525 920
Free call 900 525 920

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Economic Stairlifts

Stairlift chairs

Our stairlift chairs are designed and manufactured according to your accessibility needs with full quality assurance.

For this reason, we offer our clients the best selection of economic stairlifts adapted to each situation with a highly secure, comfortable and practical lifting system that allows us to offer the best solution.

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Monorail Curve AIR Stairlift Chair

It is a cutting-edge product within the sector. The 6 cm diameter tube is the smallest of all the individual rails on the market. The highest quality and the most elegant design in both narrow and wide stairs.

The modular system allows its custom manufacture and assembly for each job, thus ensuring the best possible adaptation to each ladder.

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Stairlift chair for straight sections

Perfectly tailored for the home, with a smooth start and stop mechanism, it glides on giving you full use of the home you love.

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TWO Stairlift Chair

Compact, solid and economical. The reduced dimension of the rail allows it to adapt much more to all types of curves, open and closed. This model includes its outdoor version for stairs in the open, being prepared for rain and sun.

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Stairlift Chair + Installation

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Economic Stairlifts

Vertical Lift Stairlift – Up to 3 meters

Stairlift lift with a synchronized single-acting or telescopic cylinder drive system, both by direct thrust and by nominal pressure. A safe, versatile, adaptable, reliable and simple stair lift solution to help with accessibility difficulties and the elimination of architectural barriers.

Home Elevator / Elevator – No Pit, Minimal Spaces

Designed for single family homes. Thanks to the absence of a pit, this type of stairlift does not require a large space and the installation significantly reduces additional work costs. There are no visible elements or noisy motors. This home elevator technology works with discreet built-in drive equipment.

Elevator / Pneumatic Single Family Elevator – No Pit, Elegance and 360º Design

It allows easy access between floors of houses, premises and offices with an elegant, modern and practical design. This type of pneumatic domestic elevators are presented with a circular design structure and are installed directly on the ground. Without pit and with minimal work. The vacuum system is the “motor” of the pneumatic lift and is responsible for raising or lowering the cabin, reducing energy consumption on its journey.

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Stairlift platforms and other solutions

Stairlift Lifting Platforms

Stairlift platforms are designed for indoor and outdoor use on any type of curved, straight and uneven stairs. They are very versatile, safe and easy to use allowing a more comfortable and active lifestyle.

Stairlift Lift for Swimming Pools – Aquatic Cranes

We offer all kinds of designs of stairlifts for swimming pools and we advise you on the best options for water cranes to adapt to your needs: transportable, hydraulic and with batteries.

Stairlift Ramps – Adaptation and Accessibility.

Stairlift solutions designed to facilitate accessibility for people with reduced mobility. Stairlift ramps, safety rails, walkways and other accessibility adaptations for the home. Living in a fully adapted house is possible.

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Our Clients Trust Us

is a quality product. Is manufactured in Europe and it’s really an impressive stairlift that works well for us.

Jodie Creed , Alicante

The installers were wonderful men. The stairlift is very good, it works, which is what matters.

Brahim Noden, Denia

The  installation crew were excellent. The stairlift works smoothly. It’s of excellent quality.

Wills Blackburn, Alicante

The stairlift has excellent quality. My mother is able to get up and down the stairs using it.

Frank Gameson, Javea

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