Total Access ®

Our activity and commitment is aimed at improving the quality of life of people obtaining their maximum satisfaction and offering a cutting-edge service with excellent immediate provision and the latest technologies.

We find the solution that best suits your needs

Our company Total Access Albir SL was born in 2017 in response to a specific need in the sector. Solve the difficulties posed by the limitations of architectural barriers for people with reduced mobility.

The safety and satisfaction of our customers is our highest priority and we understand their demands. That is why we feel committed and support during the different stages of the selection, installation and maintenance process in compliance with all current regulations.

Thanks to our highly qualified team with extensive experience in the sector, we put all our experience at your disposal helping our clients to choose the type of solutions with Economic Elevation and Stairlift systems that best suit their needs and quotation. 

Choosing Quality is Safety

What do we offer?

Advice and Cost Savings

We understand the difficulty when choosing an elevator or domestic elevator and getting the best conditions. Not only of price, but of quality of service and facilities. Our expert professionals put all their knowledge at your service and will visit you to help you find the best solution that suits your needs.

Quick Assembly and Installation Service

Thanks to our work methodology and our expert technical team backed by extensive experience, we provide an efficient, fast and excellent quality service in which we use all our knowledge to satisfy all your concerns and guarantee a reliable installation in total safety.

Technical Team and Maintenance with Low Cost

To prevent and guarantee safety in the use of the equipment, preventive maintenance is advisable. We put at your disposal our technical experts backed by extensive experience and the best means with technology to optimize performance and reduce minimum maintenance costs.

Certificates and Security Guarantee

In compliance with European regulations and organizations, all products certify the safety, health and environmental protection requirements demanded by the EU. Thanks to our Quality management system, we guarantee the security of providing a service that satisfies our clients and the applicable regulations.

How we work?

We advance together with our clients and support them in all project processes, making each project unique and adding value with our solutions. Whatever your need, we have a tailor-made solution. Our highly trained team in continuous evolution is aimed at providing an efficient and effective service, minimizing costs to guarantee a fast service of excellent quality.

1) Technical Visit

2) Project Analysis and Design

3) Installation Execution

4) Quality Control

Team Union

We identify with the needs of our clients, we listen and solve all doubts from all possible perspectives. Individualizing each case in particular and advising a solution with functionality and style. Representing a high quality of work and executing a professional and reliable service. Our objective is the main value of our company that are our clients.

Warranty and Security


Customer orientation


Trust and Quality


Corporate Collaboration

From Total Access we are committed from the conviction of the entire organization to contribute as collaborators of the association ADIPSI (Association of Limit and Light Psychic Disabled) is an association created in January 2011 in Elche, with CIF no. G54558309, and registered in the Registry of Associations of the Generalitat Valenciana, dated April 12, 2011, with the number CV-01-047810-A of the First Section, and in the National Registry of Associations Section 1, National Number 611298 dated November 2, 2016.

The Association mainly carries out its activities in the territorial area of ​​Alicante, Elche, Santa Pola and regions. The aims of the Association are: To sensitize the Society and Administration to achieve the social and labor integration of people with mental disabilities through the implementation of projects, workshops and training courses, and research and application of different techniques that favor rehabilitation and improvement of various mental disorders, from youth to adulthood.

Collaborating Company

Solidarity does not consist in giving what you have left over but sharing what you have

From Total Access ® we have been collaborating with the Red Cross and Adipsi for years. Thanks to the help of our monthly donations, humanitarian actions and social projects can be carried out. We have principles and values based on commitment, solidarity and equal opportunities

Working with the Best = Best Results

Working day by day with the best in the sector makes us grow as a company, so that we can provide the best to all our clients.

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